It’s a unique feature of the I.D. Questionnaire that, for a small percentage of people, it doesn’t initially return a definitive I.D. result. Research and experience have shown that this outcome can occur for a number of reasons including, for some people, finding themselves at a personal crossroads, or feeling that a current environment or situation isn’t enabling them to be at their best.

When a person receives this result they are directed to a short interactive video experience. The video explains the reasons why this result may occur, invites them to reflect upon their current situation, and provides tips for revisiting the questionnaire.

If the same result occurs on re-taking, while they are able to re-take it until they achieve a definitive result, we provide them with an interim report. We also invite them to reach out to one of our experienced I.D. Consultants for a 20 minute conversation to answer any questions they may have and take them through a process to uncover their I.D. result - please encourage your client or contact to get in touch with us.

While some people can find it challenging or frustrating not to receive an immediate result, feedback has shown that, for many, going through this process has proved invaluable in terms of strongly reconnecting them with their natural and best way of operating. If you’d like to talk through any aspect of this further, please reach out to us on